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Looking for asbestos removal services in Oxford and the surrounding areas? AER (Asbestos Environmental Removals) is your trusted partner. Whether you require cement roof sheet removal, asbestos floor tile removal, asbestos water tank removal, or asbestos garage removal, we have the expertise and experience to handle it all. Discover more about the range of asbestos products we remove on our dedicated asbestos removal page.

When it comes to asbestos-related work, it’s essential to choose a professional and competent company that can provide accurate advice and carry out the necessary specialist tasks. At AER, we take pride in our industry expertise and our commitment to upholding the highest standards. In most cases, if the asbestos product is in good condition, it is generally safe to leave it undisturbed. However, if you are planning any refurbishment or renovation works that could potentially disturb the asbestos, it is crucial to exercise caution and take appropriate measures. Some clients opt to remove asbestos products entirely to eliminate any potential risk from their premises.

Asbestos condition 

The main concern arises when asbestos products become damaged, potentially releasing harmful fibers into the air, which can pose health risks when inhaled or ingested. Depending on the specific product and its condition, there may be management methods available to repair and seal the damaged asbestos. However, this approach depends on the feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and safety considerations. In some cases, complete asbestos removal may be the recommended solution. If you require asbestos removal services in Oxford and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to reach out to AER.

Choose AER for professional and reliable asbestos removal services in Oxford and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and ensure the safe removal of asbestos from your premise

Danger Asbestos

Asbestos in commercial properties

Concerned about asbestos in commercial properties? It’s essential for businesses in Oxford to comply with the duty to manage asbestos in buildings. Since the release of the control of asbestos regulations in 2012, it has become mandatory for commercial premises, particularly those built before 2000, to effectively manage the asbestos risk. Even if there are no known asbestos products within the property, caution must be exercised as asbestos can hide in various places, including behind walls. That’s why it’s crucial to hire competent tradesmen who have undergone asbestos awareness training to ensure the safe execution of works without disturbing potential asbestos-containing materials. If you need an asbestos survey, contact AER today or visit our dedicated asbestos survey page to learn more about our comprehensive services.

AER Ltd (Asbestos Environmental Removals) proudly offers a wide range of services, including asbestos removal, asbestos surveys, asbestos collections, asbestos testing/sampling, and even bird dropping removal & cleaning (pigeon foul). As a trusted asbestos specialist company, we operate locally in Oxford, providing efficient and meticulous asbestos testing and removal solutions. Our highly skilled team will handle the careful removal of various asbestos materials, such as asbestos roof sheets, asbestos cement, asbestos flues & guttering, asbestos floor tiles, and storage heaters, ensuring a safe and compliant process.

Safeguard your commercial property in Oxford with AER Ltd’s expert asbestos management and removal services. Trust our knowledgeable professionals to handle your asbestos-related needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request more information.

Asbestos Textured Coating Removal

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    Cement Asbestos Barn Roof Removal


    Asbestos Removal Specialists in Oxford

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    Call us at 0330 380 1615 or email us at to discuss your asbestos removal needs in Oxford and surrounding areas. Fill in our Instant Quote Form for a quick estimate, and our team will promptly get in touch with you. We are always available to organize a site visit, answer any questions you have, and provide professional asbestos removal services. Trust AER for safe and reliable asbestos removal in Oxford and ensure the well-being of your property and occupants.

    Note: Asbestos removal requires professional expertise and compliance with safety regulations. It is important to consult with experts like AER for proper removal and disposal of asbestos materials.

    Asbestos Textured Coating Removal (Artex)

    PLEASE NOTE: Textured coatings are assumed to be applied to single skin substrate boards and be – 

    • Textured Coating To Ceiling
    • Textured Coating To Walls

    If the textured coating is on concrete or there are more than one skin of boarding then this will incur additional charges.

    Asbestos Floor Tiles

    Additional Floor Coverings will incur a additional charge if considered as contaminated, for Example stuck to the asbestos with glue.

    PLEASE NOTE:  All tiles are assumed to be uncovered and accessible. Removal of floor covering will incur additional charges.

    • Vinyl Floor Tiles
    • Thermoplastic Floor Tiles

    Asbestos Cement (AC) Removal

    • Single Garage (Roof Only) 
    • Single Garage (Roof & Walls)
    • Double Garage (Roof Only)
    • Double Garage (Roof & Walls)
    • Other Cement Roof/Wall Sheeting
    • Cement Pipe/Gutter/Flue
    • Soffits
    • Cement Water Tank
    • Roof Tiles
    • Garage/Shed Demolition


    • Toilet Cistern/Seat, Bitumen Sink Pad
    • Switchgear Containing Flash Guards
    • Rope Lining
    • Gaskets/Seals
    • Floor Lino
    • Bitumen Felt
    • Bitumen Adhesive Removal/ Encapsulation
    • Mastics/Sealant
    • AIB Door Removal

    Asbestos removal near me in Oxford

    Asbestos Removal for Domestic Properties

    When it comes to asbestos in domestic properties, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and take necessary precautions. At AER, we understand the risks associated with asbestos and the potential dangers it poses. We often receive inquiries from clients who have encountered issues when tradesmen unintentionally disturb asbestos materials or remove them without the required expertise. To mitigate these risks, it is essential for competent tradesmen to request an asbestos survey before initiating any work, especially for properties built before the year 2000. This proactive step ensures that potential asbestos-containing materials are identified and handled appropriately, minimizing the chances of disturbance.

    If your tradesmen fail to conduct an asbestos survey, there is a significant risk of disturbing asbestos products, which can lead to contamination of your premises and pose a threat to their own well-being. In such instances, we encourage you to reach out to AER. Our experienced team can provide solutions to address the situation effectively. Depending on the nature of the asbestos products involved, we may be able to arrange a comprehensive environmental clean-up of the affected area, ensuring a safer environment for you and your property.

    At AER, we prioritize your safety and well-being. Our professional asbestos services are designed to handle all aspects of asbestos management, removal, and remediation. We adhere to industry best practices and regulations to deliver exceptional results. Don’t compromise on safety—contact us today to discuss your asbestos concerns and find the appropriate solutions for your domestic property in Oxford and the surrounding areas.

    Licenced asbestos removal 

    Trust our licensed asbestos removal services to ensure the safe handling of asbestos products. With a minimum notice period of 14 days to the HSE, our licensed asbestos removal contractors (LARCs) conduct thorough site-specific risk assessments and method statements. We partner with tried and tested licensed contractors known for their quality workmanship. As industry experts, we prioritize your best interests, adhering to approved codes of practice (ACoPs) and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR2012).

    This hidden killer, asbestos, was fully banned in the UK in 1999 due to the increased evidence of its related illnesses. It’s crucial to treat this hazardous material with great care and attention. With years of experience, our team understands the importance of implementing the correct precautions for each asbestos product. When you choose us for asbestos removal in Oxford and surrounding areas, you can trust that your safety is our top priority. Count on us for professional and compliant asbestos removal services.

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