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Local asbestos removal in Ipswich

Looking for local asbestos removal services in Ipswich and the surrounding areas?

In need of local asbestos removal services in Ipswich? Our dedicated team provides everything from asbestos water tank removal to asbestos floor tile removal in Ipswich. For a full breakdown of the asbestos items we tackle, check our asbestos removal page.

Dealing with asbestos is a delicate task requiring professional expertise. It’s essential to work with a reputable company for reliable advice and specialized service delivery.

Asbestos Condition

The primary worry with asbestos is when it’s damaged, releasing harmful fibres. Depending on its type and state, there might be ways to mend and safeguard the affected asbestos. But sometimes, complete asbestos removal is the safest option. For those in Ipswich or nearby regions seeking asbestos services, AER is your go-to.

Danger Asbestos

Commercial properties with Asbestos In Ipswich

Concerned about asbestos in your Ipswich business property? Ipswich businesses must adhere to strict asbestos management protocols. Following the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, it’s a must for commercial sites, especially those erected before 2000, to manage asbestos hazards effectively. Remember, asbestos can be concealed in places like behind walls. Thus, it’s vital to employ experienced tradesmen for risk-free operations. If an asbestos survey is what you need, AER is here to assist. Visit our asbestos survey page for a deeper insight.

AER Ltd (Asbestos Environmental Removals) is elated to offer a broad spectrum of services, from asbestos surveys to bird dropping removal & cleaning. As a trusted local asbestos expert, we cater to Ipswich and its vicinity, delivering precise asbestos testing and removal. Our proficient team ensures a seamless and compliant asbestos removal process.

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Asbestos Textured Coating Removal

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    Cement Asbestos Barn Roof Removal


    Asbestos Removal Specialists in Ipswich

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    Reach out to us at 0330 380 1615 or email us at to discuss your asbestos removal requirements in Ipswich. You can also utilize our Instant Quote Form for an immediate cost estimate and our dedicated team will respond swiftly. Choose AER for safe and trustworthy asbestos removal in Ipswich, protecting your property and its occupants.

    Asbestos Textured Coating Removal (Artex)

    PLEASE NOTE: Textured coatings are assumed to be applied to single skin substrate boards and be – 

    • Textured Coating To Ceiling
    • Textured Coating To Walls

    If the textured coating is on concrete or there are more than one skin of boarding then this will incur additional charges.

    Asbestos Floor Tiles

    Additional Floor Coverings will incur a additional charge if considered as contaminated, for Example stuck to the asbestos with glue.

    PLEASE NOTE:  All tiles are assumed to be uncovered and accessible. Removal of floor covering will incur additional charges.

    • Vinyl Floor Tiles
    • Thermoplastic Floor Tiles

    Asbestos Cement (AC) Removal

    • Single Garage (Roof Only) 
    • Single Garage (Roof & Walls)
    • Double Garage (Roof Only)
    • Double Garage (Roof & Walls)
    • Other Cement Roof/Wall Sheeting
    • Cement Pipe/Gutter/Flue
    • Soffits
    • Cement Water Tank
    • Roof Tiles
    • Garage/Shed Demolition


    • Toilet Cistern/Seat, Bitumen Sink Pad
    • Switchgear Containing Flash Guards
    • Rope Lining
    • Gaskets/Seals
    • Floor Lino
    • Bitumen Felt
    • Bitumen Adhesive Removal/ Encapsulation
    • Mastics/Sealant
    • AIB Door Removal

    Asbestos Removal for Domestic Properties in Ipswich

    Safety is a top concern when managing asbestos in Ipswich’s residential properties. At AER, we’re well-versed in the risks tied to asbestos. We often aid clients who’ve faced challenges when tradesmen, without the required know-how, have mistakenly interfered with asbestos. It’s essential for skilled tradesmen to instruct a company to undertake an asbestos survey, particularly in homes erected before 2000, to pinpoint and handle asbestos materials.

    Overlooking the importance of an asbestos survey can result in asbestos disturbances, potentially jeopardizing your property and health. In such instances, we recommend contacting AER. Our seasoned team provides bespoke solutions. Depending on the asbestos material.

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