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Local Safe Asbestos Removal, Asbestos Garage Removals In & Around Chelmsford, Essex

Need Asbestos removal in Chelmsford, Leigh-on-sea, Westcliff-on-sea, Shoeburyness, Rayleigh, Hadleigh, Benfleet, Rochford and Wickford, Essex? Whether you need cement roof sheet removal, asbestos Floor tile removal, asbestos water tank removal, asbestos garage removal, the list goes on find out more about asbestos products we remove on our asbestos removal page. In our industry it’s about using the most professional competent company that can advise you correctly on the subject of asbestos and carry out the asbestos specialist work correctly. In most cases if the asbestos product is in good condition, then it is safe to leave the product to do its job unless you are planning on having refurbishment works carried out and it is likely that the asbestos may be disturbed, although some clients have the asbestos products removed altogether to remove the risk entirely from their premises.

Asbestos condition 

The issue comes when the product is damaged which means it can release fibres into the atmosphere where they may be ingested or inhaled, in some cases depending on the product there may be a management method to repair and seal the damaged asbestos product, but this all depends on whether this is possible or if it would be more cost effective and safer to remove the asbestos product all together. Get in contact with AER for any asbestos removal in Chelmsford and other nearby areas. 

Danger Asbestos

Asbestos in commercial properties

Commercial properties (Any premises that is used for financial gain) are required by law to have a management plan in place for the asbestos in the premises known as a duty to manage asbestos in buildings, since the control of asbestos regulations were released in 2012 it has been a requirement that commercial premises manage there asbestos risk if the premises was built before the year 2000, if there are no known asbestos products within the property which has been proved by a asbestos survey then you shouldn’t need to worry but must exercise caution even still as asbestos products can hide in many places, even behind walls! Therefore it is important to use competent tradesmen to carry out your works and ensure they have asbestos awareness training, so they have some knowledge not to disturb a potential asbestos product. Need a asbestos survey? get in contact with AER now or got to our asbestos survey page to learn more.

AER (Asbestos Environmental Removals ltd) offers services such as asbestos removal, asbestos survey’s, asbestos collections, asbestos testing/sampling, bird dropping removal & cleaning (pigeon Foul).

Asbestos environmental removals will test and remove your asbestos with great care offering our services local to Chelmsford, Maldon, Billericay, Braintree, Ingatestone. Typically this involves the removal of Asbestos Roof Sheets & roof replacement, Asbestos Cement, Asbestos Flues & Guttering, Asbestos Floor tiles and storage heaters etc.

Asbestos Textured Coating Removal

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    Cement Asbestos Barn Roof Removal


    Asbestos Removal Specialists in Chelmsford

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    Contact us with all your enquiries about asbestos removal on 0330 380 1615. Alternatively simply email us at or fill in our Instant Quote Form to get a quick estimate and a member of the team will get in contact shortly after. We are always happy to organise a site visit at your premises and/or answer any questions you may have.

    If your in need of a asbestos solution and want asbestos removed in Southend-On-Sea or Basildon, Essex, our team can help!

    Asbestos Textured Coating Removal (Artex)

    PLEASE NOTE: Textured coatings are assumed to be applied to single skin substrate boards and be – 

    • Textured Coating To Ceiling
    • Textured Coating To Walls

    If the textured coating is on concrete or there are more than one skin of boarding then this will incur additional charges.

    Asbestos Floor Tiles

    Additional Floor Coverings will incur a additional charge if considered as contaminated, for Example stuck to the asbestos with glue.

    PLEASE NOTE:  All tiles are assumed to be uncovered and accessible. Removal of floor covering will incur additional charges.

    • Vinyl Floor Tiles
    • Thermoplastic Floor Tiles

    Asbestos Cement (AC) Removal

    • Single Garage (Roof Only) 
    • Single Garage (Roof & Walls)
    • Double Garage (Roof Only)
    • Double Garage (Roof & Walls)
    • Other Cement Roof/Wall Sheeting
    • Cement Pipe/Gutter/Flue
    • Soffits
    • Cement Water Tank
    • Roof Tiles
    • Garage/Shed Demolition


    • Toilet Cistern/Seat, Bitumen Sink Pad
    • Switchgear Containing Flash Guards
    • Rope Lining
    • Gaskets/Seals
    • Floor Lino
    • Bitumen Felt
    • Bitumen Adhesive Removal/ Encapsulation
    • Mastics/Sealant
    • AIB Door Removal

    Asbestos removal near me in Chelmsford Essex

    Asbestos in domestic properties

    On occasion we have clients get in contact because a tradesman has potentially disturbed as they did not know it was there or removed an asbestos product incorrectly without the competence to do so, this is why it is so important that your competent tradesmen asks their client for an asbestos survey before they start their works if the property was built before the year 2000, so you can be assured as far as reasonably practicable the risk of disturbing potential asbestos containing materials is kept to a minimum.

    If your tradesmen doesn’t ask for a asbestos survey then they run the risk of potentially disturbing asbestos products and may even contaminate areas of your premises, even contaminate themselves and their items such as tools, clothes etc. In this situation get in contact with AER and we can help with a solution going forward. Depending on the product type we may be able to arrange a full environmental clean of the area.

    Licenced asbestos removal 

    If the asbestos product is classed as a licenced product, then this will need to be dealt with by a licenced asbestos contractor and will result in a minimum notice period to the HSE of 14 days before works can even begin, this is sent to the HSE once a full site-specific risk assessment and method statement has been carried out by a Licenced asbestos removal contractor (LARC). We have tried and tested licenced contractor partners in the industry that have proved time and time again their quality of work, this comes with the added benefit of an additional competent asbestos company project managing (AER), ensuring the upmost highest standards are kept and that AER will have your (the client) best interests at heart. 

    This hidden Killer (Asbestos) was fully banned in 1999 in the UK, this was due to increased evidence of this material leading to related illnesses. This is why it is so important you treat this product with great care and attention. As industry experts with years of experience, we understand and implement the correct precautions need for each asbestos product and follow approved codes of practice (ACoPs) and the control of asbestos regulations 2012 (CAR2012).

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