Our Terms & Conditions

1. A quotation is only valid for a period of six months from date of issue, thereafter the costs and conditions are subject to revision.

2. We must have a written order to state you are happy for works to proceed prior to any works commencing, any plan of works and notification being submitted.

3. If booked in works are subsequently cancelled, this will incur a charge to cover administration fees.

4. If booked in works are subsequently postponed, there is a minimum of 72 hours’ notice to be given, if there is not, then a charge will be made to cover administration fees.

5. Where access is not available for works to commence on the agreed date, to cover costs there will be an abort fee per operative charge.

6. Working areas must be in the same conditions as of the date of assessment, for example; no recent installations, partitions, demolition, excavation or refurbishment works, or anything that may hinder our works, hinder the erection of enclosures and positioning of modular or decontamination unit, as this will incur additional charges and the programme of works can potentially be hindered.

7. Payment due – Strictly UPON COMPLETION (Unless otherwise agreed). Please note failure to comply to all the above, will result in the debt being referred to our debt collection agency and will be subject to a 15% + VAT fee to cover collection costs incurred. This surcharge and all other charges/legal fees incurred will be the client’s responsibility and will be legally enforceable.

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